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DS Smith manufactures recyclable e-commerce box for Ted Baker
From:Packaging News

DS Smith has helped fashion retailer Ted Baker boost its packaging sustainability with a new reusable e-commerce box. 


The recyclable box was developed with the aim of Ted Baker reusing 20% of its boxes annually – a target that has already been exceeded with an average reuse rate of 27%.

To accompany the new box, a reusable and resealable sleeve was designed, incorporating the brand’s designs.

Ted Baker wanted to take the lead in redesigning its packaging to boost its sustainability credentials. As part of this revamp, packaging production was on-shored – moving it from the Far East back to the UK – a decision which contributed to the reduction of company’s carbon footprint, while allowing the brand the flexibility to update the packaging design to reflect seasonal campaigns, and the reactivity to deal with increased peaks in trade. The new e-commerce packaging focused on the reuse and recycle principles of the circular economy. Rob Carle, UK head of sales, e-commerce at DS Smith, said: “The sleeve protects the parcel during transit and means that customers can return items in the same box by simply reversing the sleeve and securing it back around the box. It arrives back in the Distribution Centre with no labels on it, and so can be used again for other customer orders, doing potentially upwards of three journeys through the courier network.” Georgina Jarvis, print production manager at Ted Baker, said “Finding a solution to the environmental considerations of packaging returns has been an ongoing challenge.

“Developing a collaborative relationship with DS Smith and finding the perfect solution to our e-commerce packaging has been a fulfilling experience.”

Carle added: “Ted Baker are really pushing the boundaries of packaging design with new print techniques, and it’s exciting for DS Smith to be supporting them on this constantly evolving brief each season.”

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