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Yin Hui Enterprise Co Ltd extends global customized service

Yin Hui Enterprise Co., Ltd. Extends Global Customized Service

Yin Hui Enterprise Co., Ltd. extended global customized service. The company, founded in 1975, which one of leading customized flexible packaging service for foods, liquid, pet foods, coffee, personal care, and household necessities.

To satisfied various branding design requirements, Yin Hui start extending services for global clients via over 40 years ago experiences. The purpose is to make varied packaging easier in new trends.

About Yin Hui Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Starting with mass consumption products, Yin Hui has built an extensive customer base and become an experienced long-term supplier for well-known international manufacturers whose brands & products need reliable packaging materials to stand out in the latest industry trends & competitions. For more information, please visit www.yinhui.com.tw .

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