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Biles Hendry creates identity for Ella’s Kitchen in frozen

From: Packaging News

Biles Hendry has designed new brand architecture and identity for UK baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen in the frozen category.

The design agency has blended photography of the food with illustrations developed in-house in a series of playful interactions between the food and brand, engaging kids of all ages.

This photography also acts as a serving suggestion to adults, offering inspiration to try new recipes and incorporate additional vegetable boosters into home-made meals.

Supporting icons and illustrations give helpful guidance on cooking times and nutritional benefits such as veggie or gluten content. Stretching the brand to appeal to older children, the two original typefaces crafted for the core Ella’s Kitchen range have been reappropriated for a more ‘grown-up’ feel and the brand language evolved to engage an older audience whilst still maintaining shelf standout.

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